We provide services in the field of occupational health and safety.

We offer both the performance of health and safety services in the workplace, as well as the implementation of a wide range of services in the field of labor protection.

Every employer with more than 100 employees is required to establish a health and safety service that performs advisory and control functions in the field of occupational health and safety. BHP jest wystarczającym powodem do pytania pracownika o pobyt za granicą -  Artykuły dla Szukających pracy

The performance of the OHS service obligations may be entrusted to specialists from outside the plant (the Labor Code, Articles 237 and 11).

Such a solution brings a number of tangible benefits:
–    you do not need to follow changes in legal regulations – we will do it for you,
–    you do not incur any expenses for training employees who perform the duties of health and safety services, business trips, professional literature, teaching aids, etc.,
–    you have a group of health and safety specialists at your disposal, not just one employee whose possible absence causes many problems.

Under the signed contract, we provide:

–  supervising and controlling compliance with occupational health and safety regulations,

consultancy in the field of technical safety at work,
conducting post-accident proceedings, preparing the necessary documentation,
support in the development of health and safety instructions at workplaces,
participation in work on occupational risk assessment,

consultations on the selection of working clothes and appropriate personal protective equipment,

– informing the employer on an ongoing basis about identified occupational hazards, together with applications aimed at removing these hazards,
keeping of registers required by law,

preparing periodic analyzes of the health and safety at work,
technical support in carrying out work environment tests,

many other activities aimed at improving working conditions.

In addition, we offer:Dowiedz się jakie zmiany nastąpiły w BHP z dniem 1 stycznia 2019.

occupational health and safety training in Polish and in English (carried out in the form of stationary, online or as e-learning,

conducting health and safety audits, reviews of working conditions,

creating / updating an occupational risk assessment,

assistance in the implementation of orders and statements of supervisory authorities over working conditions (including the National Labor Inspectorate, the State Sanitary Inspection),

carrying out an accident investigation,

suport in development of health and safety instructions for the operation of machines and devices, assessment of compliance of machines with minimum health and safety requirements,

organization of the „Safety Day”,

development of the Safe Work Organization Instructions,

first aid and fire protection training.


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We employ high-class specialists and work closely with many consultants in the field of labor protection, which favors the organization of the highest quality training in this field. Trainings are conducted using a variety of modern teaching methods, incl. in the form of group workshops, individual exercises, group exercises or lectures with the use of multimedia, i.e. presentations or films. This has a large impact on the greater activity of employees in the process of ensuring safe work performance.

The employer is obliged, in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labor of 27 July 2004 on training in the field of health and safety at work, to provide the employee with training appropriate to the type of work performed, including providing him with information and instructions regarding the workplace or work performed.

We offer training in the field of occupational health and safety:

introductory courses in Polish and in English – stationary and online,

periodic in Polish and in English – in the form of stationary, online and elearning for:

employers and managers of employees,

engineering and technical employees,

other employees whose nature of work involves exposure to factors harmful to health, burdensome or dangerous or with responsibility in the field of occupational health and safety,

administrative and office employees,

and for people employed in blue-collar positions – in the stationary and online form.

To increase the safety of employees and meet the legal requirements in this area, we also offer training:

fire protection, including for people fighting fires and evacuation (Labor Code Art. 2091 § 1)

providing first aid, including for designated persons (Labor Code Art. 2091 § 1)

methodical and didactic for people managing other employees (§ 11.5 of the Regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labor of 27 July 2004 on training in the field of occupational health and safety)

training for Social Labor Inspectors. (Act of June 24, 1983 on social labor inspection, Art. 14).

The work safety culture in the company is an expression of the employees’ attitude to threats, risk or safety. Being aware of the safety culture, employees will engage in building a safe workplace, because they understand that this translates into more efficient functioning of the company and their own health and life.

As part of improving the health and safety conditions in your company, as well as improving the culture of work safety and building employee awareness in the field of health and safety, we offer:

analysis of compliance with the ergonomics requirements of the workplace on the basis of a survey among employees containing all aspects in the context of ergonomics at workstations equipped with screen monitors.


By filling in the questionnaire we have prepared, you will find out which topics need improvement, supplementation, correction, retrofitting or, finally, a small modernization. The analysis may be additionally supplemented by an on-site ergonomics review and an interview with designated employees.

training in the methodology of on-the-job training.

Pursuant to the Regulation of the Minister of Economy and Labor of 27 July 2004 on training in the field of health and safety at work § 11. The job training is carried out by the person managing the employees or the employer designated by the employer, if these persons have appropriate qualifications and professional experience and are trained in the field of methods of conducting on-the-job training.

The training is aimed at obtaining qualifications to provide initial and position training in the field of occupational health and safety in the workplace.

Through the active participation of participants in the training, the acquired knowledge will have a real impact on raising awareness of the methodology of on-the-job training. The student will acquire the ability to select the appropriate teaching methods and use didactic aids, as well as acquire basic knowledge in the field of pedagogy and didactics of education necessary for the instructor to transfer the knowledge and skills required for safe performance of activities at the workplace.

The training can be conducted in the form of stationary training, online or in the form of e-learning.


Support in the implementation of ISO 45001: 2018

The standard was published on March 12, 2018. After a three-year migration period, it replaced the existing Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems, i.e. OHSAS 18001 or PN-EN 18001. The new standard is a great opportunity for enterprises, because its implementation will help:

ensure that health and safety management is aligned with the strategic direction of the organization

improve integration with other management system standards

increase the level of commitment of the management team

improve health and safety performance

The implementation of the ISO 45001 System enables:

creating a safe work culture

identifying hazards and putting in place control measures to prevent them

reducing the number of accidents at work and illnesses which translates into measurable benefits in the form of lowering costs and reducing sickness absenteeism

engaging employees and motivating them through better, safer working conditions

demonstrating compliance with customer and supplier requirements.

We also offer support in the field of fire protection:

supervising compliance with fire regulations and consulting in this field,

development or updating of fire protection instructions.




Research on the level of safety culture among employees.

The aim of the study is to determine whether the current level of work safety is sufficient, what the employees themselves say about their work environment and what changes should be implemented to increase the level of safety and employees’ awareness of it.

Shaping the safety culture in an organization is an integral part of the company’s management and an element that contributes to its image.

A high safety culture in the company is a sense of responsibility of each employee for safety matters.

The measurable effect of a high safety culture is a lower number of accidents, better work efficiency and proper working conditions for employees, which are the most noticeable element of activities in the field of improving health and safety.

The tool used in the study is an anonymous questionnaire for testing the level of safety culture. It consists of ten areas in which we analyze, among others:

Employee participation in safety issues

Risk management in the workplaceBezpieczeństwo pracy nie jest przypadkiem

Modeling and strengthening safe behavior in the organization

The health and safety training process

The organisation’s policy on health and safety management


By getting to know attitudes and professed values, you can try to shape them by appropriately modifying the curricula and introducing content that emphasizes the importance of safe behavior and functioning in a safe environment.


And all this to make employees feel safe in the workplace.

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